Sunday, January 18, 2009

Writer's Blockade

Would it be possible to start every entry with "So..."? I think I'd be able to do it. I think it'd be pretty easy--I start out a lot of my sentences with that.

Blogging, for me, has turned out to be a lot like journaling, in that I do it in spurts. Today, while looking around a bookstore at S.O.'s (Significant Other) college, I found the section that housed blank journals. Now, I love blank journals. I love the clean, blank pages that seem to practically beg for my handwriting. I love the fact that I would be the first to write in them. I love that the bindings aren't cracked yet, that the journal is untouched and intact. Most people collect figurines, artwork, or other knick-knacks (like napkin rings--true story); today I decided that I collect journals.

Because of my professed love for new notebooks, it would make sense to believe that I fill up journals as fast as I can, scribbling furiously every day, recording all my thoughts and experiences. FALSE. [Ha!] In literally all of my journals-and I have quite a few-most only have the first 10 to 20 pages filled. I am Absolutely Definitely Distracted (ADD) when it comes to journaling. Distracted by just about everything in life, from the weather outside my windows to phone calls from friends to my runaway thoughts. It's frustrating, because my memory is not that great to begin with, so I'd like to write everything down before I forget it, but I often become preoccupied in the middle of an entry, going off to start or finish a task/activity. Recently I've gotten better at finishing an entry, so that's progress, I guess...but I have still NEVER filled a journal. Ever.

So that's something else I'll work on this year, in addition to becoming a better person. I won't call it a resolution, because I'm afraid I'll feel too much pressure and become bitter and depressed if I don't succeed. Then again, all the better to fill a journal with, right?

Written by an English major who really should expand her vocabulary.